Tips To Take Care of Your Outdoor Surfaces

Part of owning a home is maintaining it, of course. But while it is easy to remember your weekly and monthly cleaning chores inside the home, don’t forget to regularly care for your outdoor surfaces as well.

Caring For Your Wood Deck

It is important to give your wood deck a good, full wash at least once a year. Many experts recommend the late spring as the best time of year for this.  While you will sweep the surface periodically, remember to clean between the deck boards with a putty knife (or something similar) when you conduct the deep cleaning.  Wet and cover any shrubbery you need to protect and then sweep the deck to prepare it for the full wash.

TIP: Wash the deck on a cloudy day as too much sun will evaporate the cleaner.

Choose the right cleaner—and technique—for the job, of course, depending on whether your deck is made of wood, composite, or vinyl.

Finally, wait two days to seal the deck and protect it from weathering.

Caring For Your Stone Patio

When caring for a stone patio here are a few major tips to remember.

TIP #1: Prevent your patio stones from collecting too much dirt

Obviously, you can’t keep dirt and dust from collecting between the stones of your patio. However, you can minimize this with proper care.  First of all, use a broom on the patio pretty much every day to reduce the amount of dirt and dust. You can use a power air blower to speed up this process but also a pressure washer (with your garden hose) to help flush out what may be stuck between the patio stones.

TIP #2: Get Rid of Moss and Weeds

Although moss can look great on a stone wall, it is not good for a stone patio. Moss can be slippery and, for whatever reason, does not look as good on the ground as it does climbing a high wall. Of course, if your stone patio already has moss and weeds, you will want to remove them, probably by hand. However, once this is completed you can prevent the build up of moss and weeds by pouring polymeric sand between the stones. This slows down the collection of moisture discouraging the growth of moss and weeds in the process.

Basically, you want to fill the gaps between the stones in your patio with polymeric sand.

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