Split Air, Central Air or Window Unit?

A lot of people don’t know the differences among split air, central air and using a window unit. All they know is that they want something that doesn’t run up their utility bill and that cools down their house when it’s a tad too humid and hot outside. Fortunately, one or two of these unit types can give you a better utility bill while cooling down your hot box.

The Split Air Conditioner

This type of unit is usually professionally installed into a home and sounds exactly like the name. The air conditioner unit is composed of two separate devices. One of these devices is placed into the area you want to cool, and the other half of the device is placed outside. Unlike central air, the outside device is installed near the room with the other half of the home air con unit.

Split Air2

Both units house three major components each in order for the unit to function properly. The outside unit has an expansion coil, condenser coil and compressor, while the inside houses a cooling coil, an air filter as normal and a blower. These units are energy efficient, reduce your carbon footprint and work well for both commercial and residential spaces.

Central Air Conditioning

Central air and split air units have something in common. They both have an indoor and outdoor unit, but operate a bit differently. Central air is often combined with the local heating system in a building or a home. Larger commercial buildings and homes in more tropical climates see central air conditioning units more often.

The primary unit is installed outside and is connected to ductwork that protrudes through vents placed in the structure. There is no wall unit inside the home like with a split air conditioner. Central air focuses on cooling the temperature while isolating and removing humidity. This is why central air is popular in more humid areas that accumulate more moisture in and around structures.

Split Air1

Window Air Conditioner Units

Window air conditioning units are the most popular, as they’re affordable and readily available to any consumer who walks into a department store. They can be energy efficient and cool down a small space like a bedroom or a small office easily. Window units are self-explanatory in name, and use a fan to blow air into an evaporator and double fans for optimal cooling. Depending on the unit, they can detect the temperature in the area and turn up, down or off in order to regulate the desired temperature.

The Perfect Cooling System

Each unit has its own benefits, depending on the region where you work and what type of room or structure the unit is going to be cooling. For small rooms or homes, an energy efficient window or wall unit may suffice, unless humidity and moisture are inevitable in your home. If the home or office is larger, a central air unit may work better. Enjoy your summer and your saved money by choosing the correct energy saving unit.

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