Housing Styles and Renovations in Sydney

One of the greatest fundamental needs of humankind is shelter. Humans do not possess fur, down, or thick blubber; they do not grow thick hair all over their bodies or have tough or carapaced skin. Humans rely on homes or other shelters to give them the protection necessary to keep their soft bodies unharmed and comfortable. Humanity also has a flair for the dramatic. All societies have preferred housing styles that are influenced by climate, culture, and individual preferences. No house is one-size-fits-all.

Never Go Out of Style

Housing styles vary all around the globe and carry with them global and cultural influences. Australia has a plethora of different housing styles represented all over the country but a fair few seem to be more popular than others. A handful of the major home designs that are seen in Australia are as follows:

  • Victorian
  • Edwardian
  • Contemporary
  • Art deco
  • Post-war

Victorian- and Edwardian-style homes echo those popular in the United Kingdom from the mid 1800s to around 1914. These homes boast brick facades and ornately designed eavelines and window trimmings that provide both contrast and intrigue to the home’s outer shell. Contemporary and art deco houses feature clean lines and minimalist features while still maintaining whimsy. These homes stack floors unevenly, combine curves with sharpened edges, and use varying shapes for windows that are a far cry from the traditional rectangle. Finally, the post-war style tends to be bare-bones and no-nonsense, often with a brick facade. These homes were mass produced after the Second World War when economies were booming and the baby boomers were embarking upon their lives as ordinary citizens.

Why Renovate?

There are plenty of reasons to expand a home or remodel. Couples looking to start a family may want to expand their spaces to accommodate more bodies; new empty-nesters may decide that now is the time for a new kitchen or garage now that their children have all moved away; and the list goes on. The beauty of remodelling or renovating a home lies in the fact that personalised change is taking place. This change is all done without the hassle of completely tearing down a home and starting from scratch. Rather, one is taking the home that he or she already loves and has filled with memories and making improvements based on his or her own unique taste.

Finding the Right Renovation Contractor or Company

When it comes to a renovation, find an individual or company that is trustworthy and holds goals for the home that are in line with those of the homeowner. For example, there is a renovation company in Sydney that specialises in adding additional floors to homes. Asking around to friends and family can give one insight about local contractors and companies and opinions that truly matter.

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