5 Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Kitchen for Your Home

Choosing a new kitchen is a necessarily big task. Unlike when decorating most rooms within a house, when re-doing a kitchen you will need to take into careful consideration the appliances, layout and look of what you choose to prevent ending up with not only a space which ends up looking dated before it needs replacing again, but as well because get the layout wrong and it could easily turn meal times into a real nightmare.

Kitchen Revamp vs. Replacement

Before you set about planning for an entirely new kitchen, drawing up designs or speaking with designers and kitchen fitting companies, take a moment to question whether you actually need or even want an entirely new kitchen. After all, if your current kitchen size and layout works for you and you do not intend to or want to change it, it might be more cost effective, create less upheaval and be possible to get your dream kitchen without having to start from scratch; a kitchen revamp might instead be all that is needed.

Then, to determine whether to revamp or replace your kitchen, ahead of parting with any money or potentially wasting a good deal of time in showrooms and speaking with designers, give the advice provided via the BBC Homes website and specifically their kitchen revamp vs. replacement tips some food for thought.

Design a Kitchen around How You Use Your Kitchen Space

You know what you use your kitchen for. You know when you use it and what you want from a new kitchen. Yet, despite knowing all this, knowing how then to find a new kitchen or devise one that provides all this and as well scope to enjoy your kitchen space in ways your current kitchen might not allow for can be daunting to say the least.

Then, to get a better and clearer idea as to how to design your new kitchen or even just communicate with your designer to ensure you get that dream kitchen, give the Which? Website Kitchen Design Ideas feature a read ahead of speaking with designers and suppliers.

Consider Kitchen Additions, Gadgets and Non-Standard Features

Kitchens are unique spaces within the house and often become a hub of activity within a home. Hence, when having one designed or a new one fitted it is worth taking a moment to consider whether to splash out on any additions, gadgets or features that are not provided as standard. Popular examples include coffee machines, televisions and double ovens.

Opting to have features such as a double oven, range or cooking island fitted as part of a new kitchen rather than paying to have a feature replaced or added in at a later date can save a family hundreds if not thousands. Hence, this is one area of kitchen design and buying where scrimping is not the best way to go.


If you aren’t sure what features to consider and to provide you with some popular, practical and fantastic options, give the Better Home and Gardens Must Have Kitchen Features slide show a flip through.

Avoid the Cowboys at All Costs

Whilst it is advisable to look to a number of designers, companies, kitchen providers and as well spend some time with your head in some up to date interior design magazines and ezines ahead of calling in the kitchen fitters, when it comes to actually making that call, it is absolutely imperative to avoid calling up the cowboys.

The urge to take an unknown company, friend of a friend or similar up on a ‘too good to be true’ offer when it comes to providing or fitting a kitchen for you can be hard to resist, but remember: in 99% of cases if a deal seems too good to be true, it will be too good to be true. Further, the cost of having to have a kitchen refitted or entirely recreated after being botched by a gang of cowboys or a cowboy company can cost you far more than simply playing it safe, and not just financially; trusting your kitchen fitting to a company that is not well established or whose work you are unfamiliar with can leave you without a working kitchen at all, never mind one of a far lower spec’ than you paid for or requested.

Fortunately, there is a wealth of reputable and even luxury kitchen design companies who can create and fit your dream kitchen without causing you a nightmare or charging horrific prices, such as Aston Designs in Milton Keynes.

Pick a Style that is Sympathetic

How is the rest of your home decorated and what sort of home do you live in? Being able to succinctly answer these two questions is likely to narrow your search for the perfect kitchen if not solve the question of what kitchen to opt for.

If you aren’t sure how to pick a style which is sympathetic to your home, both inside and out, want something a little different or desire mixing country with contemporary, for example, to ensure you get it right, head over to the Amara Fashion News and Interior Style website where you can view and learn more about all of the major design styles as well as see pictures – whatever styles you like from colourful to classic or industrial to rustic.

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