Top Trends for 2017 in Outdoor Patio Design

One of the best ways to revamp the exterior of your home is change up your patio design. Perhaps you have an existing patio you want to update or expand, or maybe you don’t currently have a patio at all. Here we’ll take a look at the top trends for 2017 in patio designs, giving you plenty of inspiration and ideas you can use.

Incorporating Low-Maintenance Greenery

One of the trends that is really picking up steam is to incorporate low-maintenance greenery on the parameter of your patio. Low-maintenance options are items that are drought-tolerant, don’t require much pruning and upkeep, and a more natural look in general. There are a number of different plant species you can look into, and plenty of those will still offer brightly colored flowers.

There are a few practical reasons this is becoming a hot trend, one of which is that these plants require less water. With water restrictions happening pretty much across the country during the hot summer months, it just makes sense. From a cost standpoint, these require less money in watering, fertilizer, food, etc.

Functional Patio Space

Where it used to be that patios were all about the look, today it’s about creating a functional space that you, the family, and your friends can enjoy. This means you take into account how you plan to use it and allow yourself the proper amount of space. You can also add to that functionality by including things like a wood burning stove, a bar, outdoor lighting, and a pergola to offer shade.

Creating Interest through Materials

Another trend that started to pop up last year and will continue into this year is to mix your materials. What this means is that you can mix wood, patio stones, river rock, etc. all together and create a truly unique space. There is no need to make it uniform and stick with just one material.

The idea is to pick materials that appeal to you, and make you feel comfortable. This can also mean mixing bold and subtle touches.

Bring Color Into the Mix

Color isn’t always a popular choice when it comes to creating your outdoor patio design, but homeowners are encouraged to give it a shot. By mixing in bold colors such as orange, yellow, red, or blue you can create more of a sense of designated space. It’s the whole idea of bringing the indoors outdoors in a comfortable and inviting way.

If you are uncertain about bold cushions and furniture, why not add the bold colors to your greenery instead. You can find beautiful low-maintenance plants that offer lilac, yellow, pink, or red flowers.

A Space to Be Proud Of

It’s amazing how much of a difference a few simple changes can make to your existing patio. Updating the area with these tips can transform how it looks and how you use the space. If you’re building a patio from scratch, this is the perfect opportunity to choose the trends that work for you.

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