The Dangers of Blocked Drains

Plumbing disasters are completely unwanted; they seem to come out of nowhere and create serious problems for you and your family. If it is bad enough, it could damage much more than just your pipes. If wastewater backs up into your house, it could cause water damage to parts of your house. Also, you could have sewage backing up into your house or yard. If the pipes get bad enough that something overflows into your house or a pipe bursts, you could be without plumbing for several days. That could be a serious problem. However, there are some ways to anticipate these problems and prevent them.

Signs of a Problem

Sewage problems might seem to come out of nowhere, but they actually don’t. If you know what signs to look for and commit yourself to not ignoring them, you can avoid most serious problems. The first indication that something is going wrong is when you have slow-draining fixtures. If the water stays in your bathtub for too long, you don’t necessarily have a big problem. You should check other fixtures. If no other fixture is draining slowly, you likely have a clog in your drain.

You should use a liquid rooter or an actual rooting tool to remove the clog. If that doesn’t work or if you don’t feel confident, you should call a professional plumber. Someone who specialises in blocked drains in Melbourne can help you before it becomes a serious problem.


If you have multiple fixtures draining slowly, you definitely have something that could become a problem. Call a specialist as soon as possible.

Odd Smells

Odd smells are another sign of an impending problem. Obviously, when the water leaves your house it becomes sewage. It heads towards the waste treatment facility or into your septic tank. If you start smelling sewage, that means it is backing up in the pipes and not draining away completely. If you smell it in one place, you have one clogged pipe. This is still a problem, but not the worst thing that could happen. If you smell sewage coming from several fixtures, you have a serious problem building up. Either way, you need to call a specialist to look at your pipes before they become a problem.

Seeping Sewage

In a septic tank system, sewage seeping into your yard is one of the biggest indicators that you have a serious problem. A septic tank works by separating the sewage and allowing it to sink to the bottom of the tank. If it is seeping into your yard, then it is no longer at the bottom of the tank. Your septic tank, at that point, would be overfilled. You need to call a specialist.

The same thing can happen even if you don’t have a septic tank. Sewage won’t seep into your yard, but instead might seep into your basement. That is likely an indication of a crack in your pipes or a serious clog somewhere. Either way, call a professional who can snake your pipes and figure out the source of the problem.

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