8 Reasons to Choose Composite Decking for your Home

Home owners are currently looking for a unique yet durable and appealing finishing for their homes. Composite decks are a great idea for both interior and exterior designs and come in various designs based on the owner’s preference. There are various reasons as to why you should choose composite decking for your home.

1. Composite decking is durable
Composite decks are well treated during manufacture to give a long lasting service yet maintaining their strength and appearance as compared to the conventional wood finishing. The decks contain recycled materials and vinyl which assist in keeping the material strong from harsh weather conditions of rain, wind and sun rays. As a homeowner, you expect to enjoy the services of composite decks for a longer period as compared to wood, hence reducing costs that would be incurred in installing a fresh design of wood.

2. Low maintenance
Composite were developed following many complaints from homeowners regarding the high maintenance cost incurred on wooden decks. The constant cracks as a result of varying weather conditions, mold buildup and tiresome cleaning schedules were eliminated by the invention of composite decks. The decks are high resistant to cracks and mold, hence making them a better alternative for use in areas where they are exposed to the varying high and low temperature. Cleaning the decks is also easier as compared to wooden surfaces as they are smooth and high-resistant to dirt. They need only occasional wiping with a dry or wet cloth depending on the amount of dirt on them as compared to wooden decks that need scrubbing to remove the dirt which is trapped in the cracks.

3. Uniformity
Using composite decks in your homes guarantees a uniform-looking surface that gives an appealing appearance. The decks are manufactured in such a way that the each board matches the other. This makes the composite decks have the same lifespan, as compared to wood decks which may have been crafted from different trees and hence giving a surface the impression of parts that age faster than others.

4. High resistant to pests and rot.
The formation of composite decks is well planned and addictives incorporated to make them resistant to pests and rots. The pesticides and heavy metals give a hostile environment for the growth of rot and pests, a condition which lacks in the wooden decks.

5. Constant improvement
With innovations taking place from time to time, you can expect to have better improved composite decks which are high resistant to temperatures, damages and rotting. This is in contrast to the traditional natural wooden finishes which do not go through any micro-organic processing to upgrade their quality.

6. Environmentally friendly
Forming composite decks require a high percentage of waste materials which is recycled to give a durable and appealing finished product. This is in contrast to the conventional wooden decks that requires felling of many trees, which has a direct negative impact on the environment due to the decrease in the oxygen produced by trees which are a primary component in making rain.

7. Increase to the home value
A homeowner who has an intention of renting or selling his house in future should consider investing in composite decking. Potential buyers will go for homes that have surfaces that are durable, appealing and easy to maintain, which are properties found in composite decks as opposed to wooden ones.

8. Hidden fasteners
Composite decks incorporate fasteners which cannot be seen as compared to wooden decks. This gives them a smooth and stunning appearance that does not tamper with their homogeneous color. The grain pattern is also maintained by the use of the hidden fasteners strategy.

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